Sculptured Circuits

sculptured circuit

Sculptured circuits are a differentiated form of flexible circuits which have conductors of variable thickness able to carry heavy currents, provide physical robustness and enable unsupported fingers to be produced.

This technology enables the thickness of the copper conductors to vary at any point on the circuit. In addition selective application of the supporting dielectric enables integral exposed fingers to be produced. All holes are etched providing the flexibility to create precisely located apertures of any shape or size at any position on the circuit.

Sculptured circuit technology is used across a wide spectrum of applications from motor sport to missiles. When combined with flexible or rigid circuits, sculptured circuits provide an extremely cost effective solution to complex interconnect problems reducing cost, simplifying assembly and increasing reliability.



Material Choices:

Dielectric - normally polyimide for base and coverlay. Depending on the mechanical and thermal properties required polyester or PEN can be used.

Conductors - normally copper of a thickness and hardness most appropriate for the application. We recommend that you discuss your material selection with our engineers.

Sculptured Jumpers:

A simple cost effective solution for interconnecting rigid circuit boards and panel mounted components. Sculptured jumpers have exposed unsupported fingers which can be both surface and through hole mounted onto printed circuit boards. Some of these products are available in a tape and reel format for automatic pick and place assembly. Lyncolec supply a wide range of standard jumpers. We’re also pleased to design and manufacture customer-specific requirements.

Artwork Preparation:

The generation of artworks for sculptured circuit production requires certain criteria be observed and we would suggest that you discuss your requirements with our engineering team early in the conceptual design phase.

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