Lyncolec is a leading manufacturer of flexible and Flex-rigid Multilayer circuits. We supply to a number of global players in the medical sector. Our ability to offer both highly differentiated complex products and high volume competitively priced disposable items reflects the breadth of our technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Whether the application requires Flex-rigid Multilayer circuits, including our high integrity Regal Flex constructions, Sculptured circuits or high volume flexible circuits, we have the capability. We are also able to utilise our in house through hole and surface mount assembly facilities to provide the customer with a complete, tested, ready to install solution. Various material options are available each having characteristics commensurate with the application.

“Implant” devices, hospital equipment, fluid analysis, hearing aids and general patient diagnostic equipment are some of the many applications utilising flexible circuits in one form or another.


The benefits of flexible circuits compared with conventional wiring and rigid PCBs include:

Low weight and low mass applications are advantageous for body implants and hearing aids. Of equal importance is the benefit of reliability particularly in applications which are life supporting or in critical patient monitoring.

The ability of Lyncolec to add components directly to the thin dielectric and conductive materials used in the manufacture of flexible circuits is advantageous where a low profile is required.

Our technology is and can be used in:

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