Electronic Data Processing

We supply many companies in this market sector with flexible and Flex-rigid Multilayer circuits in low to high volumes and with diverse levels of complexity. The breadth of our technologies is such that we are able to offer cost effective solutions to most problems associated with component interconnection and packaging.

Single and double-sided flexible circuits, Sculptured circuits, Flex-rigid Multilayer and our high integrity Regal Flex circuits are all utilised in various applications in this globally important market sector. Our ability to assemble both through hole and surface mount components within our vertically integrated facilities has proved extremely advantageous for many of our customers. These components can often be mounted directly onto the flexible circuit thereby minimising cost and circuit height.


The benefits of flexible circuits compared with conventional wiring and rigid PCBs include:

Whether the application is dynamic, as in a disk drive or printer, or static, there are many instances where the functionality of the device is dependent upon the characteristics of a flexible circuit.

Lyncolec has vast experience in providing novel interconnection solutions for major OEMs in this industry sector. Our breadth of capability and many years of experience across diverse market sectors will add value to your design process.

Our technology is and can be used in:

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