Lyncolec is a leading supplier of flexible and Flex-rigid Multilayer circuits for defence equipment, supplying widely to both UK and overseas markets.

The breadth of our technological capability extends from simple single and double-sided circuits to complex Flex-rigid Multilayers including high integrity Regal Flex circuits.

We also manufacture sculptured circuits and have in house through hole and surface mount component and connector assembly facilities. Combinations of Flex-rigid Multilayer circuits and Sculptured circuits, the benefit afforded by our innovative brazed pin technology and custom low profile connectors are further areas of differentiation available to the designer.

We can meet all of your equipment requirements in terms of component packaging and interconnection,

The benefits of flexible circuits compared with conventional wiring and rigid PCBs include:

The benefits of low weight and low mass in applications where payload and physical constraints are paramount will be obvious to the reader. In avionic applications weight is a major consideration impacting on range and weapon carrying capability. Similarly the ability to package and interconnect components into the smallest possible envelope whilst enhancing reliability are major benefits afforded by this technology. This applies to air, sea and land applications.

There are few sectors of the defence equipment industry which are not taking advantage of the considerable benefits offered by the use of flexible circuits.

Our technology is and can be used in:

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