We supply many companies in this market sector with flexible and Flex-rigid Multilayer circuits in very high volumes and with diverse levels of complexity. Global competition has demanded low cost production particularly in the high volume applications.

The advent of multi-functional, portable devices, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and Broadband is placing even greater pressure on weight, mass and cost reduction and the technology of flexible circuits can contribute in all respects.

Our Surface Mount Interconnects (SMIs) are another means to ensure costs are minimised with a robust interconnection achieved between two or more rigid boards. This low cost, pre-formed machine placeable circuit is used in a number of consumer electronic devices from Dishwashers to iPods and tablets.


The benefits of flexible circuits compared with conventional wiring and rigid PCBs include:

Whether the application is dynamic, as in a disk drive or printer, or static, there are many instances where the functionality of the device is dependent upon the characteristics of a flexible circuit.

We’ve got vast experience in providing novel interconnection solutions for major OEMs in this industry sector.

Our technology is and can be used in:

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