Lyncolec brings broad ranging technologies and capabilities to this globally integrated industry sector. The phenomenal growth in portable equipment has driven the impetus to package more and more technology into smaller and lighter devices.

At the same time global competition has demanded low cost production particularly in the high volume applications.The advent of multi-functional, portable devices, 3G, 4G, bluetooth and broadband is placing even greater pressure on weight, mass and cost reduction and the technology of flexible circuits can contribute in all respects.


The benefits of flexible circuits compared with conventional wiring and rigid PCBs include:

Our flexible circuits are employed widely in the communications sector - wherever two electrically interconnected features are required to move relative to one another there is a need for a flexible circuit.

Similarly the increasing complexity of smart antennas with multiple bandwidths and containing associated components and their interconnection is an obvious application for flexible circuits. These and similar products can be manufactured, assembled and folded into very small and lightweight packages.

Our technology is and can be used in:

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